The View UpStairs

Uptown Players, Dallas, TX
“…The other most intriguing character to come to life is contained in the role of Dale, here performed by Taylor Wright. Wright plays Dale as a handsome but seething, set-to-explode time bomb, ostracized even within this community of the ostracized; he delivers of his solo lament song, “Better Than Silence,” with haunting presence and insight.”
Wayne Lee Gay,

“…Steven Pounders and Taylor Wright give touching performances as an MCC pastor and a struggling hustler, respectively… both actors craft full characterizations out of pathos and a deep commitment to sharing this touching story with a wider audience.”
Zach Thriffiley, BroadwayWorld


A Chorus Line

2018 Nat’l Tour and Chinese Premiere

“…then there is someone like Don, who is depicted with a blue-collar respectability by Taylor Wright…simply trying to make ends meet as a father and husband.”
Imaan Jalali, LA Excites

RIFF Wss.png

West Side Story

New Bedford Festival Theatre, New Bedford, MA
Motif RI Nomination - Best Supporting Male

“If there is a superb ticking bomb, the ultimate bad boy in this show, with intermittent patience, strategy and outbursts, it is the multi-talented Taylor Wright, as Riff, the leader of the Jets...He speaks convincingly; he sings meaningfully and moves gracefully. Not bad for a gang leader.”
Lorraine Luccola, Standard Times

”Gang leaders, Riff played by Taylor Wright and Bernardo by John Paul Batista are excellently cast. Both deliver strong performances especially in the confrontation scenes and the fight leading to their death scene... Taylor does a marvelous job in “The Jet” song with his gang members and in “Cool”... Taylor’s dancing prowess is astounding especially in “Dance At The Gym” where he does some impressive flips.”
Tony Annicone, The Theatre Mirror


Mary Poppins

New Bedford Festival Theatre, New Bedford, MA
** Motif RI Nomination - Best Male Lead

”Taylor Wright as Bert…makes his debut with Festival Theatre in a role that demands maturity, physical strength, humor, audience appeal, top-rate dancing and impressive singing…Yes, to all of the above!… He will win your heart from his first moment on stage and will make you want to follow him wherever he leads in this delightful journey.”
Lorraine Lucciola, Standard Times

“Taylor Wright shines as Bert, the chimney sweep…sings ‘Step In Time,’ a fantastic tap dance that stops the show. Taylor and Melissa [McKamie] make the perfect leads for this sensational show.”
Tony Annicone, The Theatre Mirror



Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY
”It’s an actor-singer show lit just once by great dancing, Tulsa’s solo…soars with the taps and pirouettes of Wright.”
Rose Haarstad, The Ithaca Times

“The audience was delighted by dancer Taylor Wright as Tulsa, doing a solo turn in ‘All I Need Is The Girl’.”
Neil Novelli, Syracuse Post-Standard

“The fellows’ dancing, led by Taylor Wright’s Tulsa, quietly sparkles.”
Barbara Adams, The Ithaca Journal


The Lyons

Shaker Bridge Theatre, Enfield, NH
“Taylor Wright hits the right notes as Curtis, whiny one minute and apparently the only mature one in the family the next.”
Nicola Smith, Valley News



New Bedford Festival Theatre, New Bedford, MA

“Taylor Wright as Kenickie is energy and grace, combined, which amount to intelligent acting choices for this character. Wright brings this kind of depth to the characters he plays because he seriously manufactures their portrayal.”
Lorraine Lucciola, Standard Times